Individual Master


Individual Master Program

When would the Individual Master Program fit you?


Since students can not follow the master ‘building technology’ anymore, some determined students have subscribed for the free master program. This program is an alternative to students who think they don’t fit in any of the current master tracks, who have a clear idea what direction they find interesting, what subjects they want to learn more about and students who are not afraid to put some effort in their master application. These students can chose their own direction and follow courses they think fit in that direction.

In a Individual Master Program students are entirely free to choose every course, every project and every graduation project they want as long as they can clearly explain why that course is an added value to his or her study program. The student may choose some keywords describing the direction of his or her program, the chosen courses should belong to these keywords. In the motivation letter the student can explain its interest in the chosen direction.

Most of the Individual Master Program students chose to expand their horizon and follow some courses at other faculties, at other universities or even abroad. Free master students have a lot more freedom to fit their external courses in their program and they will probably take this opportunity. But for the students who want to stay within the faculty, that is possible as well.

When a student makes the decision to start a Individual Master Program the process of applying starts. To make a decent study program some steps need to be taken: searching for courses, reading into those courses, finding a professor to guide you, eliminating courses, finalizing the study program, writing a motivation letter, finalizing the application form and getting the required signatures.

It is recommended to start the application half a year before you start your master. Then you will probably have your approval before you will start your courses. If you want more information on the Individual Master Program you can send a mail to or visit us at floor 2.

Nadine Mocking